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Philips EnduraLED 16 Watt 2700K PAR38 LED Lamp

Philips EnduraLED 16 Watt 2700K PAR38 LED Lamp

Philips EnduraLED PAR indoor reflectors with high brightness LEDs are perfect for track and recessed lighting. Simply install into existing fixtures and begin saving energy and money. Emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam. Provides perfect beam quality,with 25 degree nominal beam angle.


Heath/Zenith DualBrite White Shielded Wide Angle Timer Motion Sensing Security Flood Light with Photocell

Shielded Wide Angle Security Light. Features Patented Dual Brite 2 Level Lighting. Low-level accent light. Adjustable timer. Timer settings include (Off, 3 HR, 6 HR, OR DUSK to DAWN). Full bright security light when motion is detected. Selectable Light Timer allows you to select a setting of minutes before automatically shutting off lights after motion has stopped. Automatic Photocell deactivates unit in daylight. Pulse Count Technology reduces false sensing from wind and rain. Manual override to turn light off or on at your convenience with existing indoor wall switch. Allows light to stay on continuously all night when needed. 300 watts of lighting. Can be adjusted from 15 up to 100 feet.

Product Name: DualBrite White Shielded Wide Angle Timer Motion Sensing Security Flood Light with Photocell

Product #: SL-5318-WH

Manufacturer: Heath/Zenith


Contractors Rely on GoodMart

Local delivery available

GoodMart is a stocking distributor of Philips, Sylvania, Lutron, Lightolier, Atlite, Encore and dozens of other quality brands. Our warehouse in Long Island City, NY allows us to stage product delivery to meet the needs of local projects large and small. We pride ourselves on our FANATICAL support of contractors, ensuring they are never idle, waiting for product. This means we constantly push information to our customers regarding product delivery schedules, and we go the extra mile to provide replacement ballasts or bulbs when something fails at the job site.


GoodMart Lighting Layout Services

GoodMart assists architects and interior designers with lighting layouts for residential, retail, commercial and industrial interior and exterior design projects. We use AGi32 illumination engineering software from Lighting Analysts to ensure your job’s lighting layout is done right the first time, and meets all applicable energy codes and light level requirements. We offer this service at NO COST to architects and designers – all we ask for is a referral to the contractors bidding on the job.


Facts About Light Bulb Bases

Screw Bases
Lamps with screw bases have one lead-in wire soldered or welded to the center contact and the other soldered or welded to the upper rim of the base shell. Base shells are typically made of brass or aluminum.

Ceramic Bases
Ceramic bases have internal leads welded to either metal contacts or external lead wires.

Fluorescent Lamp Bases
For Preheat and Rapid Start lamps, four electrical contacts are required, two at each end of the lamp. This is accomplished in the standard line of lamps by use of a miniature bipin for T-5 bulbs and medium bipin for T-12 bulbs. In Circline lamps, the cathodes are connected to a four-pin base located between the junction of the two ends of the lamp. High Output Lamps and Very High Output lamps have recessed double contact (RDC) type bases. Slimline (Instant Start) lamps require only two electrical contacts, one at each lamp end and have single pin bases.

All compact fluorescent lamps that do not have integral ballasts typically have bases with 2 or 4 pins. The 2-pin lamps are designed for preheat operation, and typically have an internal starter. The 4-pin lamps are generally dimmable when used with a dimming ballast and are designed for electronic ballast operation. The 4-pin lamps typically have no need for an internal starter.

Below are some common base types. To view more specific base types click a link from the "Bases" menu at the top left of the page, or click on a light bulb base image below to see an example of a product which uses that base.


Juno LED Undercabinet Light Fixtures Available in Many Sizes, Colors

GoodMart is pleased to offer the Juno Pro-LED modular undercabinet lighting series with integral electronic drivers. 


These fixtures feature warm white 3000K LEDs for maintenance free 50,000 hour life using 1/8 the energy and virtually no heat when compared to halogen lamps and xenon. Juno Pro-LED fixtures are optimized for fast permanent installation, mounting either flush to the rear backsplash or to the front lip of cabinetry to suit project conditions and homeowner preference. Pro-LED fixtures are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful mercury. Housings are available in  9, 14, 22 and 30 inch lengths, in white, black, brushed silver and brushed bronze finishes. Fixtures are optimized with a center rear wiring access compartment and push-in 3-wire electrical connectors for quick electrical connection without having to open the fixture or remove the lens. Rear wiring access compartment covers provided with push-in connector for non-metallic cable and knockouts for feed thru wiring capability. Multiple off-center knockouts provided in all but the 9 inch fixtures. Die-cast fitting for 3/8 inch flexible metal conduit supplied in a hardware pack. To install as a portable fixture, use the optional 3-wire grounded cord & plug (ULH-CP sold separately). Optional Direct Wire Optional direct-wire module (ULH-DWM sold separately) facilitates code-compliant installation of fixture at front edge of cabinetry. Supplied with 36 inch field-shortenable jumper cord to bring power to either end of the fixture. Connect multiple fixtures for up to 5 amps maximum combined operating current. Fixtures may be electrically joined together using either the straight joiner connector supplied with each fixture or the optional JC3 jumper cords.
May172010 is Committed to the Highest Quality Products and the Highest Standards of Customer Service

As a top provider of LED lighting, fluorescent light fixtures, tools, electrical supplies, DataComm products, test and measurement meters, safety products and HVAC products to commercial and industrial markets, is committed to the highest quality products and the highest standards of customer service. A major part of that commitment also means offering customers cost-saving solutions that have the added benefit of saving the environment. Says Max Hoover (President), "As successful marketers and concerned environmentalists, we, at, consider educating our customers energy saving LED lighting options such as LED bulbs, LED light fixtures and LED under cabinet task lighting, our corporate responsibility."

Why LED Products?

"It used to be that LED products were the choice of only hard-core environmentalists and high-end designers. But today, everyone has gotten the message," says Hoover. "LED products use nearly 80% less energy than incandescent lighting which translates into major savings for businesses and consumers."

In fact, LED lights typically last ten times longer than incandescent lights. With LED lighting, maintenance costs are lowered merely from less frequent bulb changes. And while incandescent lights greatly contribute to higher power demands and emissions, LED lighting helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gases.

Additionally, LED lighting products are ideal for a wide range of applications such as task lighting under kitchen cabinets, holiday lighting, pendant lighting, recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, and even for retail displays.

Says Max Hoover, "LED lighting products leave businesses and consumers with much smaller energy bills, and leave the planet with a much smaller carbon footprint. Basically, it's a win-win." is owned and operated by Good Offices Technology Partners, LLC. The company sells good and services to commercial facility owners and operators. Their mission is to save their customers money as well as help their customers to preserve the environment.

For more information about LED lighting products or, call 877-402-6100. Email: Or visit the website:


Glossary of Lighting Related Terms

AMPERE: The standard unit of measurement for electric current that is equal to one coulomb per second. It defines the quantity of electrons moving past a given point in a circuit during a specific period. Amp is an abbreviation.

ANSI: Abbreviation for American National Standards Institute.

ARC TUBE: A tube enclosed by the outer glass envelope of a HID lamp and made of clear quartz or ceramic that contains the arc stream.

ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

BAFFLE: A single opaque or translucent element used to control light distribution at certain angles.

BALLAST: A device used to operate fluorescent and HID lamps. The ballast provides the necessary starting voltage, while limiting and regulating the lamp current during operation.

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