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How GoodMart Adds Value with Take Offs

Lighting fixture and lighting controls procurement is much easier with GoodMart, one of the nation’s leading distributors of lighting and electrical products. When given the opportunity to review lighting and electrical plans, GoodMart conducts an extensive take off process prior to providing a quote. 

No matter the size of the job, GoodMart will tailor a lighting solution to customers’ specific needs using state-of-the-art computer software or manual color-coding of lighting fixtures and controls as shown on lighting and electrical plans. 

In addition to identifying the quantity of each type of fixture, the take off process ensures that lighting control devices are identified and counted and that the controls are appropriate for the light fixtures – for example, GoodMart makes sure each dimmer shown on the plans will correctly control each corresponding dimmable light fixture. (The multiple dimming technologies available are typically not interchangeable). Also, GoodMart checks to ensure that the lighting fixtures are compatible with the various ceiling types (ceiling tiles, drywall, wood, concrete, etc.) as shown on plans.

The thorough GoodMart take off process means that customers don’t have to spend time or money counting fixtures. And by accurately counting fixtures, GoodMart can be certain of providing a quote that is accurate and complete, minimizing or eliminating unpleasant surprises (such as dreaded change orders) for customers, no matter how large or small the job.

“Take offs are a critical part of our process, and we make sure everything is accurate before we can quote a job,” says Max Hoover, GoodMart’s president. “That is one of the services we offer, and we’re happy to do it. It’s one of the values that GoodMart brings to the table.”

For more information, visit and check out this video about our take off process.


Energy-Saving, Soft Light: Philips 3-Way 2700K A21 LED Lamp


Sort of like a multi-tool of lighting, the Philips 3-Way 2700K A21 LED Lamp has a smooth, even glow that’s handy for many office and home uses. For example, the lamp is perfect for workspace or home lighting, providing a soft, white light that won’t fade fabric or furniture. And because the A21 is a true 3-way, it works in any incandescent fixture designed for 3-way light bulbs and allows users to tailor the light level to suit any mood or setting.

The A21 can also save money. This lamp can replace any standard 3-way 40/60/100W incandescent light bulb but uses just 5/9/20W and can save up to $220 in energy costs, according to Philips. The A21 has a life of almost 23 years which can also save the time and cost of replacing bulbs.

In addition, because the A21 lamp is an instant-on lamp, it’s also a good choice for pantries, closets, or rooms where the light will be frequently switched on and off.

For more information and to order the Philips 3-Way 2700K A21 LED Lamp, visit our product page.


Soraa: Innovative, Customizable Lighting Solutions for Everyday Life

Through innovative design, Soraa lamps combine energy efficiency with easy customization. This video explains the pioneering technology and the advantages of Soraa lamps, which are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Fremont, California.

GaN on GaN Advantage

Soraa lamps use LEDs built from pure gallium nitride substrates (GaN on GaN™), which provides an extraordinarily brilliant and efficient light. Compared to LEDs made from non-native substrates, Soraa lamps have superior color rending and beam quality.

With GaN on GaN technology, Soraa lamps allow for high current density, which means higher lumens. Also, the GaN substrate enables Soraa to manufacture lamps with volumetric, tri-lateral LED chips. This configuration allows for light to be released from the top and sides of the chip, providing an extraction efficiency of almost 90 percent.

Higher-Quality Light

In addition to the innovative GaN on GaN technology, Soraa lamps incorporate Point Source Optics, which creates a tight, controlled beam for consistent light. Because of this advanced technology, Soraa lamps use one small LED source. Other lamps may use multiple LEDs, which can produce shadows, a lot of light spill, and a loose, divergent beam.

And through VP3 Natural White and VP3 Vivid Color technologies, Soraa lamps provide crisp, true full-color light in short and long wavelengths. And unlike some lamps, this light is produced without infrared heat or ultraviolet light.

Customize with Lenses

One of the most consumer-friendly features of Soraa products is the Snap System, which uses a magnet to allow for different lenses to be quickly and easily attached to the lamp. Different lenses can shift colors, and a beam spreader can allow customers to control light diffusion. A shaper can also make a flat top like a framing projector.

To learn more about Soraa’s full line of products, go to And for detailed information including compatibility charts, IES files, and spec sheets, visit


Introducing Mission Control at LEDucation

Introducing Mission Control at LEDucation posted by the Edison Report


LED MR16 Lamps and Our New Products week of September 29


LED Ceiling Lights and Our New Products week of September 22

A high performance LED surface mount suitable for office, home, school, hospital and medical facility applications. The LED Flat Panels are fully dimmable, and are compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers, and daylight harvesting systems. The design of the LED Flat Panels produces an even, consistent shadowless light. Constructed without hazardous materials, the LEDs enable a long life, high lumenmaintenance, and a high CRI.

LED Ceiling Lights

Black 24 in. 45W 5000K LED Dimmable Surface Fixture 120/277V Maxlite Corporation 71659 Black 24 in. 45W 5000K LED Dimmable Surface Fixture 120/277V
Black 24 in. 45W 3500K LED Dimmable Surface Fixture 120/277V Maxlite Corporation 71691 Black 24 in. 45W 3500K LED Dimmable Surface Fixture 120/277V

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LED Vapor Tight Fixtures and Our New Products week of September 15

For wall or ceiling mount, these impact resistant vapr tight LED fixtures are sutable for parking garages or low bay applications. Stainless steel mounting brackets and closed cell polyurethane gaskets. 

Vapor Proof Light Fixtures

Amazon 2 ft. 35W 5000K LED Vapor Tight Fixture 120-277V ILP WTPG-35WLED-5000K-RAFL Amazon 2 ft. 35W 5000K LED Vapor Tight Fixture 120-277V
Amazon 4 ft. 74W 5000K LED Vapor Tight Fixture 120-277V ILP WTPG-70WLED-5000K-RAFL Amazon 4 ft. 74W 5000K LED Vapor Tight Fixture 120-277V


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LED Globe Lamps and Our New Products week of September 8


LED Wraparound Fixtures and Our New Products week of September 1

Specification grade surface mounted wall or ceiling luminaire with clear prismatic acrylic 3-sided lens. For use in indoor applications where a LED luminaire with motion sensor and separate circuit options for energy savings is required. Available in 2 and 4 foot lengths.

LED Wraparound Fixtures

HP 2 ft. 19W 3000K T8 LED Wraparound Fixture, Opal White Acrylic Lens Coronet Co. HP-LED-2FT-19W-30K-UNV-OP HP 2 ft. 19W 3000K T8 LED Wraparound Fixture, Opal White Acrylic Lens
HP 4 ft. 38W 3000K T8 LED Wraparound Fixture, Opal White Acrylic Lens Coronet Co. HP-LED-4FT-38W-30K-UNV-OP HP 4 ft. 38W 3000K T8 LED Wraparound Fixture, Opal White Acrylic Lens

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LED AR111 Lamps and Our New Products week of August 25

Halogen replacement for indoor and outdoor applications. CBCP matches standard incandescent and halogen lamps. Single light source, single crisp shadow. Narrow spot compatible with Soraa SNAP System accessories. Rich saturated color rendering. Excellent color stability. Life of 35,000 hours.

AR111 LED Lamps

SR111-18-09D-927-03 Soraa 00869 SR111-18-09D-927-03
SR111-18-25D-927-03 Soraa 00871 SR111-18-25D-927-03
SR111-18-36D-927-03 Soraa 00873 SR111-18-36D-927-03
SR111-18-09D-930-03 Soraa 00885 SR111-18-09D-930-03
SR111-18-25D-930-03 Soraa 00887 SR111-18-25D-930-03
SR111-18-36D-930-03 Soraa 00889 SR111-18-36D-930-03
SR111-18-09D-940-03 Soraa 00901 SR111-18-09D-940-03
SR111-18-25D-940-03 Soraa 00903 SR111-18-25D-940-03
SR111-18-36D-940-03 Soraa 00905 SR111-18-36D-940-03
SR111-18-09D-950-03 Soraa 00909 SR111-18-09D-950-03
SR111-18-25D-950-03 Soraa 00911 SR111-18-25D-950-03
SR111-18-36D-950-03 Soraa 00913 SR111-18-36D-950-03

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