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A Cut Above: CounterMax MX-L-LPC Undercabinet Lighting System

With the CounterMax MX-L-LPC series undercabinet lighting system, high-end granite countertops look more lustrous. This undercabinet lighting system also stylishly defines a kitchen and makes it easier – and safer – to prepare meals.


The CounterMax undercabinet lighting system has a sleek profile that conceals the gentle source of 3000K LED light for food preparation. The MX-L-LPC series undercabinet lighting system emits a crisp, white light which illuminates without shadows and brightens a room with a warm, indirect glow. The light can be dimmed with a standard wall dimmer, and cabinets stay cool because of the LED light output.


Created by Maxim Lighting, the CounterMax MX-L-LPC series, is an innovative, easy-to-tailor lighting system for commercial, hospitality, and retail spaces. Available in 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch sizes, the lights can highlight custom cabinetry or add an upscale appearance to pre-made cabinets. 


Installation of this flexible, affordable system is quick and easy because of the CounterMax MXInterLink5 group of accessories, which includes connecting cords, power cords, and direct wire box. All accessories are sold separately and are available in black or white to better match cabinets and the light’s finish. Connecting cords are available in 9-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch sizes. Power cords are 17 inches long. The MX-L-LPC lighting system features a built-in, dimmable driver that can be powered by a corded plug, direct-wire via a direct wire box, or by being connected by a connecting cord to another unit.


Everything you need to get started is here;


For more information about the MX-L-LPC lighting system and a great price, visit

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