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Satco Nuvo 62-546 and 62-548: Sleek Styling and Seamless Technology 

Sometimes, the things you notice the least work the best. Such advanced know-how is built into the Satco Nuvo 62-546 and 62-548 flush mounted LED light fixtures with occupancy sensor and photocell. These affordable Energy Star-qualified fixtures offer sleek styling and money-saving technology.


These slim, ceiling-hugging fixtures are available as the 62-546, which is 11-inchs wide, 3 1/8-inch high; and the 62-548 is 14-inches wide, 3 ½ inches high. 


Both are loaded with features which make these fixtures ideal for many applications – from bathrooms to kitchens and hallways to closets. Compared to standard fluorescent or incandescent fixtures, these fixtures can dramatically reduce energy costs. 


When no one is in the room, the internal occupancy sensor automatically shuts off the light fixture. The fixtures’ detection area is adjustable to precisely match a specific location. This adjustment is made by selecting the combination on the DIP switches inside the fixture. The hold time – or amount of time the light fixture stays on after a person has left the detection area – is also adjustable. 


Another energy-saving benefit of the fixtures is a daylight sensor. The daylight threshold can be set on the DIP switches for specific applications. For example, the “daylight” setting makes the lamp always work, even in daylight. When set on “twilight,” the fixture turns on during occupied times when the ambient light level approximates twilight, and when set to “darkness,” the fixture only works when it’s dark.  


In addition, these fixtures are dimmable, have a five-year warranty, and a projected life of 50,000 hours. The 62-546 consumes 12.5 Watts, which is equivalent to the light put out by a 75 Watt incandescent and the 62-548 consumes 16.5 Watts, which is equivalent to a 100 Watt incandescent light bulb. The fixtures’ LEDs produce 3,000K warm white light.


The LED array inside the fixture spreads light out evenly across the entire lens, so there is no hot spot, such as one would see with a single incandescent light bulb inside such a fixture.


Purchase the Nuvo 62-546 and 62-548 at GoodMart. 

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