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Smartphone + OSRAM Sylvania Lightify = Easy Remote-Controlled Lighting


Smartphone-controlled lighting was science fiction a few years ago, but it is reality today with the OSRAM Sylvania Lightify system. Through a free smartphone or tablet app, customers can control lights in homes or businesses from anywhere. This intelligent, connected lighting solution combines energy-saving LED light bulbs and LED light fixtures with customizable RGBW LED tape.


The Lightify system is managed through a Gateway, which is sold separately or as part of a starter kit and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet anywhere in your home or business. The free, easy-to-use smartphone app, which runs on Apple iOS7 or above and Android 4.1 or above, connects to the Gateway through any Wi-Fi network. The app allows customers to turn on, off, change colors, and dim Lightify lamps and light strips. In addition the ZigBee® certified system can set timers and schedules to automate lighting control.


The OSRAM Sylvania Lightify components include: 


This soft white 60W equivalent LED has a seamless remote on and off and dimming capabilities and very high lumens per Watt. It is tunable white from warm to cool. Other features include: 
Turns on at 2700K full brightness
Color temperature is tunable between soft white and daylight, 2700 to 6500 Kelvin
Dimmable at each color temperature 
20,000 hours average rated life


With an easy-to-install adhesive backing, this light strip can be installed just about anywhere and contours around corners. Other features include:
Color changing (mixing red, green, blue, and tunable white) from 2700K to 6500K
Includes three 2-foot, flexible RGBW strips with power supply
Dimmable at each color and color temperature 
Expandable with Lightify Flex RGBW Expansion Kit
20,000 hours average rated life


This flexible light strip is usable outdoors and available as a product kit with 14 feet with nine spots including a power strip and controller and as an expansion kit with three spots. Other features include: 
Color Changing (mixing red, green, and blue)
Dimmable at each color 
20,000 hours average rated life
Expandable with addition of 4.5 ft runs with 3 garden spots each for total of 28 feet (18 lights) per power supply


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