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Add Instant, Luxurious Ambiance with Traxon Cove Light AC HO Graze

Gorgeous architectural elements – such as textured brickwork or artwork – deserve the right light. Any walls can look better when illuminated with the versatile Cove Light AC HO Graze from Traxon. Contractors can quickly install these light fixtures that create a rich, inviting ambiance in just about any space. The fixtures are line voltage, so they do not require an external transformer or driver, and can be snapped together, end to end, making installations quick and easy.

Appropriate for high end residential, entertainment, hospitality, and retail wall grazing lighting applications, the Cove Light AC HO Graze provides superior brightness and efficiency. The Cove Light AC HO Graze works well in areas requiring seamless white light color consistency and flicker-free, wide-range dimming.

The two narrow-beam versions of the light fixture provide a variety of lighting solutions. For example, the Cove Light AC HO Graze 50x10 degree has a very narrow beam that can emphasize wall textures. Mounted tight up against the wall, the 50x10, low-profile fixture also has a wider-beam option. The Cove Light AC HO Graze 60x30 is mounted slightly away from the wall and the 30-degree lateral spread produces a more forgiving light which flattens surface imperfections.

These elegant, flexible designer light fixtures are available in four color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, which means they can match the color temperature of other lighting fixtures in a room. They are also available in 1-foot and 3-foot lengths. The Cove Light AC HO Graze fixtures offer 5-100 percent dimming range without flickering.

To learn how the Traxon Cove Light AC HO Graze can complement your space, visit

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