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Sylvania 8 and 12 in. T9 Circline LED Light Engine

LED lighting allows for clean, crisp, even lighting with no warm up time as sometimes experienced with fluorescent lamps. So it is no wonder, then, that Sylvania released their Circline LED Light Engine. This LED lamp replaces a standard T9 fluorescent bulb, improving on the important aspects of lighting – long life, energy savings and maintenance costs.

These lamps utilize an innovative optical and mechanical design to create powerful, clear light distribution. Further, they are dimmable down to 20% with electronic low voltage dimmers, allowing for greater light control as well as increased energy savings. Additionally, with no UV emissions, they minimize any deleterious effects on fabrics, art work and products. Both 8 and 12 inch diameter sizes are available with various color temperatures.

But the more impressive fact is that T9 fluorescent replacements offer substantial energy savings over the life of the lamp. The Circular LED Light Engine includes an LED lamp and an external driver, being a direct retrofit for circular T9 fluorescent lamps and ballasts with little or no modification required to a new or existing fixture.

With the Sylvania Circline LED Light Engine, you can have all the benefits of LED lighting without putting new fixtures in your home or place of business. If you have any questions about the benefits of upgrading to LED, or about the Sylvania LED Circline products, please contact us. And if you have anything to add to the discussion of these LED lamps, please leave a comment.

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