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Check out Hatch Lighting, an independent full-line power supply manufacturer



At Hatch, our customers have trusted us for over 30 years to provide them with the top-notch products and personal service that only an independent manufacturer can provide. Today, Hatch has stayed true to its roots and is the premier independent full-line power supply manufacturer in the industry. Whether you need transformers, HID ballasts, fluorescent ballasts, or LED drivers, Hatch has you covered.

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Learn more about CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting) Downlights


CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting) has been designing and manufacturing performance-engineered architectural lighting fixtures since 1990. Known as the pacesetter in low voltage small aperture recessed lighting, CSL has emerged as a leader in the concealed LED lighting and architectural LED lighting categories over the last several years. With design and manufacturing teams in Europe, Asia and the United States, CSL continues to revolutionize the way architects and lighting designers perceive technical performance and energy efficiency with each new lighting innovation—including the Eco-Downlight; the Eco-Downlight LED Mini, which was named one of BUILDERnews' "Best Products" of 2011 and won a Green Good Design Award in 2012; Eco-Counter, Pro-Puck-LED and the CSL Architectural line. Today, CSL’s diverse range of lighting products can be found in commercial buildings, hotels, retail establishments and homes all over the world. CSL is part of the Littman Brands which includes: Corbett Lighting, Troy Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting® and Troy Landscape Lighting.

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3G Lighting's Linia, Madison and DL product line


3G Lighting designs fixtures at 3G’s headquarters in Toronto. Our team of designers and engineers work closely with management to ensure our fixtures meet only the highest design and performance standards.

Our award winning fixtures are developed with the same care and expertise with which we design them. In-house development allows us to test our fixtures, build prototypes for customized designs and easily make modifications to standard fixtures without compromising our production schedule. This results in outstanding performance and quality while ensuring the design is never compromised.
We deliver exceptional lighting fixtures that are manufactured in North America. Our industry-leading turnaround times can be attributed to our commitment to personal service, customer care, and a sincere appreciation for the specifiers who believe in the products that we design, develop and deliver. 
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Douglas Lighting Controls Digital Room Controllers

Douglas Lighting Controls continues to solve lighting control problems by engineering easy to install and use, centralized and decentralized digital lighting control systems for schools, offices, commercial buildings, campuses, and sports complexes throughout North America. Douglas systems include relays panels, controllers, occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and wall switch stations. Each system is built to order in our North American production facility and prior to shipment, each system is programmed and tested to ensure the system installation and commissioning is as fast and easy as possible. We also provide services for project/system drawing, technical support, and onsite system commissioning. With more than 50 years in operation, we are recognized for our deep understanding of lighting control market and ability to provide the right solution for each facility. To learn more visit



See how RemPhos Led modules are waiting to expand

leDcr® is a circular retrofit for surface mounts and pendants. Benefits include, high efficacy for any ceiling fixture. Available with high frequency occupancy sensor, emergency backup and 10V dimmable. Features a patent-pending design which allows the 4 LED arrays to expand in order to fit fixtures of different diameters. The LED kit is available with choice of output level and ccT UL 1598c. A retrofit for virtually any size ceiling fixture.

leDsr® is a rectangular retrofit for wall sconces and smaller surface mount fixtures. Benefits include, retrofit for almost any sconce. Available with high frequency occupancy sensor, emergency backup and 10V dimmable. Features a patent-pending configuration which allows the 2 LED arrays to expand in order to fit fixtures of different diameters. The LED kit is available with choice of output level and ccT UL 1598c. A retrofit for virtually any sconce fixture.

leDVr® is a linear retrofit for bathroom medicine cabinet/boxes. Benefits include, retrofit for almost any medicine cabinet. Available in a “12in” model to fit 18in. wide cabinets and a “16in” model to fit 24in. wide cabinets. Features a patent-pending design which allows the 3 LED arrays to expand in order to fit vanity fixtures of different sizes. The LED kit is available with choice of output level and ccT UL 1598c. A retrofit for virtually any vanity fixture.

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Satco Nuvo 62-546 and 62-548: Sleek Styling and Seamless Technology 

Sometimes, the things you notice the least work the best. Such advanced know-how is built into the Satco Nuvo 62-546 and 62-548 flush mounted LED light fixtures with occupancy sensor and photocell. These affordable Energy Star-qualified fixtures offer sleek styling and money-saving technology.


These slim, ceiling-hugging fixtures are available as the 62-546, which is 11-inchs wide, 3 1/8-inch high; and the 62-548 is 14-inches wide, 3 ½ inches high. 


Both are loaded with features which make these fixtures ideal for many applications – from bathrooms to kitchens and hallways to closets. Compared to standard fluorescent or incandescent fixtures, these fixtures can dramatically reduce energy costs. 


When no one is in the room, the internal occupancy sensor automatically shuts off the light fixture. The fixtures’ detection area is adjustable to precisely match a specific location. This adjustment is made by selecting the combination on the DIP switches inside the fixture. The hold time – or amount of time the light fixture stays on after a person has left the detection area – is also adjustable. 


Another energy-saving benefit of the fixtures is a daylight sensor. The daylight threshold can be set on the DIP switches for specific applications. For example, the “daylight” setting makes the lamp always work, even in daylight. When set on “twilight,” the fixture turns on during occupied times when the ambient light level approximates twilight, and when set to “darkness,” the fixture only works when it’s dark.  


In addition, these fixtures are dimmable, have a five-year warranty, and a projected life of 50,000 hours. The 62-546 consumes 12.5 Watts, which is equivalent to the light put out by a 75 Watt incandescent and the 62-548 consumes 16.5 Watts, which is equivalent to a 100 Watt incandescent light bulb. The fixtures’ LEDs produce 3,000K warm white light.


The LED array inside the fixture spreads light out evenly across the entire lens, so there is no hot spot, such as one would see with a single incandescent light bulb inside such a fixture.


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Lighting and Controls System Quotations the Easy Way with GoodMart


As an electrical or general contractor, your job is already tough enough. You can’t afford to spend too much time to source the most accurate, complete, and competitive lighting and controls packages. GoodMart has streamlined the entire lighting and controls system quotation process so you can more efficiently turn pricing around to your customers and win more jobs.


The GoodMart quotation process begins after receiving fixture counts from a contractor or after we conduct a take off from the lighting and electrical plans, which enables us accurately to count the number and types of light fixtures and controls that are specified on a project.  


Armed with the fixture schedule and counts of each required item, GoodMart submits pricing requests to the manufacturers’ representatives, including other job specifics, such as job name, address, and specifier name. GoodMart follows up to ensure pricing is returned on time. 


Upon receipt of pricing from the lighting fixture and controls manufacturers’ representatives, we double-check for accuracy and add any light bulbs or other accessories that may be required on the job. All of the light fixtures, lighting controls, light bulbs and other accessories’ costs are then typed into our quotation form and submitted for customer review. The quotation form lists all pertinent information for each included item, such as item type, model number, brand name and of course quantity. The entire process is quick, straight-forward, and the quotation format is clear and easy-to-understand. 


And in this video, Max Hoover, Manager of GoodMart, explains how the quotation process works in detail. 

Smartphone + OSRAM Sylvania Lightify = Easy Remote-Controlled Lighting


Smartphone-controlled lighting was science fiction a few years ago, but it is reality today with the OSRAM Sylvania Lightify system. Through a free smartphone or tablet app, customers can control lights in homes or businesses from anywhere. This intelligent, connected lighting solution combines energy-saving LED light bulbs and LED light fixtures with customizable RGBW LED tape.


The Lightify system is managed through a Gateway, which is sold separately or as part of a starter kit and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet anywhere in your home or business. The free, easy-to-use smartphone app, which runs on Apple iOS7 or above and Android 4.1 or above, connects to the Gateway through any Wi-Fi network. The app allows customers to turn on, off, change colors, and dim Lightify lamps and light strips. In addition the ZigBee® certified system can set timers and schedules to automate lighting control.


The OSRAM Sylvania Lightify components include: 


This soft white 60W equivalent LED has a seamless remote on and off and dimming capabilities and very high lumens per Watt. It is tunable white from warm to cool. Other features include: 
Turns on at 2700K full brightness
Color temperature is tunable between soft white and daylight, 2700 to 6500 Kelvin
Dimmable at each color temperature 
20,000 hours average rated life


With an easy-to-install adhesive backing, this light strip can be installed just about anywhere and contours around corners. Other features include:
Color changing (mixing red, green, blue, and tunable white) from 2700K to 6500K
Includes three 2-foot, flexible RGBW strips with power supply
Dimmable at each color and color temperature 
Expandable with Lightify Flex RGBW Expansion Kit
20,000 hours average rated life


This flexible light strip is usable outdoors and available as a product kit with 14 feet with nine spots including a power strip and controller and as an expansion kit with three spots. Other features include: 
Color Changing (mixing red, green, and blue)
Dimmable at each color 
20,000 hours average rated life
Expandable with addition of 4.5 ft runs with 3 garden spots each for total of 28 feet (18 lights) per power supply



A Cut Above: CounterMax MX-L-LPC Undercabinet Lighting System

With the CounterMax MX-L-LPC series undercabinet lighting system, high-end granite countertops look more lustrous. This undercabinet lighting system also stylishly defines a kitchen and makes it easier – and safer – to prepare meals.


The CounterMax undercabinet lighting system has a sleek profile that conceals the gentle source of 3000K LED light for food preparation. The MX-L-LPC series undercabinet lighting system emits a crisp, white light which illuminates without shadows and brightens a room with a warm, indirect glow. The light can be dimmed with a standard wall dimmer, and cabinets stay cool because of the LED light output.


Created by Maxim Lighting, the CounterMax MX-L-LPC series, is an innovative, easy-to-tailor lighting system for commercial, hospitality, and retail spaces. Available in 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch sizes, the lights can highlight custom cabinetry or add an upscale appearance to pre-made cabinets. 


Installation of this flexible, affordable system is quick and easy because of the CounterMax MXInterLink5 group of accessories, which includes connecting cords, power cords, and direct wire box. All accessories are sold separately and are available in black or white to better match cabinets and the light’s finish. Connecting cords are available in 9-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch sizes. Power cords are 17 inches long. The MX-L-LPC lighting system features a built-in, dimmable driver that can be powered by a corded plug, direct-wire via a direct wire box, or by being connected by a connecting cord to another unit.


Everything you need to get started is here;


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Add Instant, Luxurious Ambiance with Traxon Cove Light AC HO Graze

Gorgeous architectural elements – such as textured brickwork or artwork – deserve the right light. Any walls can look better when illuminated with the versatile Cove Light AC HO Graze from Traxon. Contractors can quickly install these light fixtures that create a rich, inviting ambiance in just about any space. The fixtures are line voltage, so they do not require an external transformer or driver, and can be snapped together, end to end, making installations quick and easy.

Appropriate for high end residential, entertainment, hospitality, and retail wall grazing lighting applications, the Cove Light AC HO Graze provides superior brightness and efficiency. The Cove Light AC HO Graze works well in areas requiring seamless white light color consistency and flicker-free, wide-range dimming.

The two narrow-beam versions of the light fixture provide a variety of lighting solutions. For example, the Cove Light AC HO Graze 50x10 degree has a very narrow beam that can emphasize wall textures. Mounted tight up against the wall, the 50x10, low-profile fixture also has a wider-beam option. The Cove Light AC HO Graze 60x30 is mounted slightly away from the wall and the 30-degree lateral spread produces a more forgiving light which flattens surface imperfections.

These elegant, flexible designer light fixtures are available in four color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, which means they can match the color temperature of other lighting fixtures in a room. They are also available in 1-foot and 3-foot lengths. The Cove Light AC HO Graze fixtures offer 5-100 percent dimming range without flickering.

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